Who I am and what are the areas I specialise in …


As an inspirational speaker, I deliver inspirational business-expanding, life-changing, interactive keynotes that inspire change. I will always challenge my thinking and accelerate personal and professional growth. I’m a motivational keynote speaker and a master storyteller, and I do have one of the most amazing stories to tell! Nothing is more compelling than a vivid, authentic story that reminds us of our incredible human potential. I have developed an amazing global business with great success over the past 15 years, designing and manufacturing custom-built all-terrain power wheelchairs. After that, relying fully on my engineering background, combined with my medical experience, I forcefully took charge of circumstances and began to climb the entrepreneurial ladder to become the successful, multi-award-winning businessman I am today. I don’t believe in motivation, I inspire people to action.


I have had the pleasure of presenting some eye-opening keynotes at amongst others, conferences for GIBS, University of Pretoria, CSIR, Standard Bank, ROCCI, Tiger Brands, IMM Graduate School of Marketing, Build it group and feel privileged to share my passion for Disruptive Change, Innovation and Life. I frequently speak at schools and universities, inspiring future leaders with my true life story of overcoming adversity and excelling. Nothing is impossible if you put your mind to it.

Why would I be of interest to your audience?


An inspired employee will give their all to their employer, and they are constantly striving to be and do their best; to use their skills and talents to their full potential. As an inspirational speaker, it is my job that this connection to meaning is made, leaders can inspire whole organisations and create an environment where a company moves beyond just providing a job but instead starts to create meaningful careers for employees.


As a motivational keynote speaker, CEO and multi-award-winning entrepreneur, it is my value to inspire employees/delegates and to move them to Action.

Am I one of many, or am I the only one in my field?


I’m one of the most powerful inspirational and motivational speakers you will find because I know how to stir passion, inspire action and genuinely move people to change. It’s not about me; it’s about you, your client and your audience.  I’m passionate about making a difference, and it comes through on and off stage. My commitment is simple: serve you and do whatever it takes to make your event a home run. I broke his neck and became paralysed to the C4 level, a quadriplegic, only able to move my head. With a stick in my mouth, I have changed the lives of people all around the world.


I’m still an active CEO down to workshop level, my examples are current, the research is fresh, and my materials ever changing – as we keep growing.

Blending your business message into my materials


By doing a full and detailed briefing with you I will ensure to match the objectives you want to achieve for your audience from your event and blend those key messages through my materials. This will ensure that your audience leaves with a tailor-made ‘on-brief’ message crafted for your company and industry.

Why and when should you use me?


As an Inspirational Speaker my fearless, inspiring and fun approach loosens up your audience, accelerates connection and deepens inspiration because your audience will be both entertained and engaged. I am a global innovator and adversity expert whose concepts on business and disruptive forces of life, have changed the views of many people around the world. My presentation and materials are designed to fit into any part of your conference day.