At some point or another, life punches everyone in the face. The punch may be hard, or it may be soft, but it’s definitely coming, and our success or failure is largely determined by the answer to a simple question: How well can you take the punch?


The degree of success we achieve in life is directly proportional to the amount of adversity we can tolerate. If we ever want to accomplish big things like building a successful business, becoming the best in our field or changing our life in some way, we need to start training ourselves to endure the pain all those things require. It’ll also prepare us for the next time life punches you right in the face for that is inevitable!


I am a living example. I broke his neck and became paralysed to the C4 level, a quadriplegic, only being able to move my head. I lost everything! With a stick in my mouth and a computer, I started to create a global company that designs and manufactures all-terrain wheelchairs for disabled people all across the world. I have faced some of the greatest adversities one could imagine, and life has surely gone a few rounds with me in the ring, but still, I will never give up.


No matter how bad the situation, no matter how hopeless it seems, there is always an opportunity to turn adversity to your advantage. You just have to discipline yourself to spot the opening, and then find the courage to use it. There is a saying: If one door shuts another will open, but most of the time we whimper and complain about the door that just closed. Turn around; you will then see the other opportunities that surround you. Learn from the past don’t fixate on it.


How to use Adversity to your Advantage – It is time to take control of your life again.


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This amazing inspirational and motivational speaker, that will takes you on an cspine xrayeye-opening journey and leave you inspired. The incredible human potential of us mere mortals, to survive, and excel is not always so evident to us. Based on the true life story of an exceptional sportsman, professional dancer, and national acrobat 6 times SA champion. That all changed in just a few seconds, when he was left paralysed from the neck down, you must hear this motivational speaker!


‘I’m paralysed! I’m drowning! HELP!!!’ came a horrified screaming from my inside, as my very primal instinct tries to grasp for air as I drift helplessly face-down in the black waters of the river. I could hear my friends joking happily on the river bank. If only they could see what was happening if they could hear my plight! My conscious mind wrestled with my body’s violent reflex to breathe, barely controlled by the disciplined knowledge of my medical training to remain utterly still.


The Dude Who broke my Neck takes a path through some shattering personal loss and Martin knows how to stir passion, inspire action and genuinely move people to change. It is designed to make people think creatively and inventively showing that our only obstacle in life is the grey matter between our ears.
“Then silence… this was like a wary goosebumps type of silence. It was the silence before the barrage of questions that I knew would ultimately seal my fate. Questions I knew the answers too, but I didn’t want to know the answers. “Can you move your foot?”


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decisions and choicesHow many times a day do we hesitate, over think or even doubt ourselves. It seems like worry and fear constantly hijacks our journey to implementing meaningful change in our lives. If anybody tells you that you are a worrier they are dead wrong, If anybody tells you that you are a procrastinator they are dead wrong!
You are not a worrier or procrastinator, you merely have a habit of worrying or procrastinating, that’s all. We all have bad habits, we allow our minds to continuously linger on negativity so many times that it starts to form a pattern and we don’t even realise it.
How do you get through the tough moments when you find yourself putting off the inevitable?


If you think it is because you not motivated, you wrong! Motivation is a unicorn, myth, absolute bullsh@t… If you are going to wait to feel motivated to do something in your life, it will never get done. If you’re waiting for some public speaker to motivate you, then I promise you it is going to be a short-lived emotion. Well, let’s put it this way, while you are sitting around waiting to feel motivated to take action, motivation is sitting next to you waiting for you to get your butt off the couch! We are never going to feel motivated to implement change because it means we need to change a habit, and we do love our little habits!


We are the choices we make – A practical journey on how our brains trick us into taking the easy way out. Our brains are our greatest hurdles in life, it stops us from reaching our full potential every single day! But there is hope…!


So don’t ever let fear hold you back from making a choice, and don’t let foolishness cause you to jump in too quickly either. You can make better and better decisions that will help you live a life of success and happiness, let me show you how I did it.


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