When we are struggling with adversity we are extremely inwardly focused, try and reach out to others, the sensation of giving can have amazing self healing benefits, your kindness to others will alleviate your own mood and things will look better.

- Martin Brown -- Adversity Expert -

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Disruptive Change: The Personal Effect

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Multi-award winning Entrepreneur

"Martin is one of those rare individuals who light up the planet with enthusiasm and energy..."

Shelley Walters
[Conversation Intelligence Africa]

Martin Brown is a rare individual, not only has he faced enormous challenges, but he has done so while remaining incredibly positive. Martin has done what few can, he has extracted invaluable life lessons from his experience and he has distilled the choices that led him from a devastating event, to a successful entrepreneur.

‘I’m paralysed! I’m drowning! HELP!!!’ came the horrified screaming from my inside, as my very primal instinct tries to grasp for air but I can't because I'm drifting helplessly face-down in the black murky water of the river. I could hear my friends joking happily on the river bank. If only they could see what was happening, if they could hear my plight! My conscious mind wrestled with my body’s violent reflex to breathe, barely controlled by the disciplined knowledge of my medical training to remain utterly still and not move my head.

- Martin Brown - The Dude Who Broke my Neck -
In this new business environment companies basically have two choices, you either adapt or die, it is really as simple as that. In some cases change occurs frustratingly slow and incremental. But most other times it will disrupt, fast and aggressive.
- Martin Brown - Disruptive Change -

Martin’s life story is engaging and spellbinding, overcoming extreme adversity to evolve into a highly engaging motivational speaker who focusses predominantly on business and employee strategy and growth. As an inspirational speaker and entrepreneur Martin has changed the lives of many people from around the world with his story of success and how he overcame seemingly insurmountable challenges.

Who is Martin

Who is Martin

A highly in demand motivational and inspirational keynote speaker. Martin developed an impactful global business from his double garage using only basic tools at his disposal following a tragic accident in his youth.

What I Do

What I Do

Martin survived eye-opening challenges by overcoming adversity, and by using his own mental strength and a never quit outlook on life. With these lessons he guides his audience on a journey that is spellbinding and life changing.



Speaking from the heart and with a tangible authenticity and passion for life that is profound. Martin always creates take-away value for his audiences that are long-lasting, the lessons well remembered, even after the event is over.



Read some informative articles written by Martin himself on his business and personal success. Also some insightful interviews with Martin, published in several well-known local and international publications.


As a motivational speaker I’m so blessed that almost every day I get to speak to some of the most amazing audiences around the world. From high school and university students, to business owners, corporate groups and entire staff compliments of some of South Africa’s biggest businesses.


Inspirational speaker Martin realises that each company is different and unique. He and always does a full, detailed briefing with every client to ensure that he matches their objectives and outcomes. Martin stives to meet every wish you want to achieve, and individually shapes each keynote or presentation to suit the client. No presentation is ever the same, and different outcomes are strategically achieved by combining Martin’s insights with yours to best reach your target audience.