— What is THE DECIDING FACTOR that defines you – or your business?

On the 26th of December 1997 – now 19 years ago – I lay on a warm wooden jetty at the Vaal River, looking up at the sunlight shimmering through the leaves of an old willow tree – paralyzed!


How does one recover from a major setback? I am sure you would agree that diving into a sandbank and breaking your neck is a setback! But every person encounters setbacks. Perhaps it was a nasty divorce, possibly you were retrenched, maybe your business failed – or you lost a loved one. It could even be that right now, you are not where you thought you would be in your life.


The truth is, everyone, at some point, hits their own sandbank.


Deciding to FOCUS.


Have you ever wondered why is it that some people are able to live empowered lives, while others continually struggle?

I am lying on that jetty dying, I am surrounded by a teeming crowd of people that know absolutely nothing about how to stabilise my broken neck, and they do not know how to keep me alive. Ironically, I am a qualified ALS paramedic, the only one who knows what to do, but I cannot move.

My friends are in shock, my 23-year-old girlfriend, Sam, is doing her best to keep her composure, but I can see she is terrified…
For a moment I felt helpless, and then my training kicked in. “Focus Martin, you cannot afford to lose it now…”

… “Sam, Sam – you need to stabilize my neck. Ask someone to keep my neck straight. Get my cell phone, hold it to my ear so I can speak” – “Hello, I need an ambulance at the Barrage Vaal River. A diving injury … possible Traumatic Anterior Dislocation of C4/C5 … no, I’m not a doctor – I’m the guy that needs help.”

In today’s break-neck, ever-changing business environment, and in life, we are all faced with factors that are outside our control, issues like crime, load-shedding, the corporate politics and general unfairness – factors over which we have no control! When we focus on those factors, we lose our power.

But when we focus on what we can control, on the areas we can change – our power increases exponentially – and we start to see the results almost immediately.

Focus is the first of three crucial factors that are the keys to radical results – three factors that every one of your employees can improve upon, to enhance not only their lives, but your own bottom line.

AUTHOR - Martin Brown

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